Welcome to Dock & Decoy

Dock & Decoy was  founded by a southern girl who grew up fishing with her father and wanted to show her dad that it meant a lot to her by designing shirts that had meaning behind them. She later started duck hunting and grew to love it.
As much as Katherine loved the thrill of the hunt, she became increasingly aware that hunting and fishing weren’t considered a women’s game. Finding waders and jackets that actually fit a woman’s figure is difficult, and there is nothing more uncomfortable than trying to shoot or cast out a line with gear that gets in the way.
The outdoor elements can be tough on gear, especially when sitting in a boat in extreme temperatures. Finding the gear that fits properly and keeps the body protected can be hard, especially for women. Dock & Decoy was founded to make that search easier – for everyone.
With every good hunting trip comes stories that will be shared for years to come. It isn’t a successful trip unless you have some laughs along the way! We use these stories and experiences from our own lives to create fun t-shirts, tanks, accessories, and more that embrace the amusement and entertainment that comes with hunting and fishing trips.
Dock & Decoy creates each item to maximize efficiency and withstand the elements, so you can do more of what you love, without having to fight against gear. We strive to make your hunting/fishing trip more exciting by creating a product and a relationship you can trust.

3% of profits are donated to hunting and fishing conservation and animal rescues —

15% of profits are donated to Carolina Lady Anglers and Boykin Spaniel Rescue, Inc.